Delivery Information

Shipping Costs & Times

Girasmoke ships all over Italy including the islands with Express Courier which guarantees the complete traceability of the goods and the delivery generally within 24 hours except for areas and municipalities not easily reachable.

For the products available in Prompt Delivery we normally ship within 1 working day from receipt of payment.

Shipments are made every day from Monday to Friday, the warehouse is constantly updated based on the real availability of the goods in possession.

Girasmoke reserves the right to entrust shipments to all national couriers to always guarantee an efficient service and maximum customer care.

The customer who does not collect the goods or who requests the return to the sender will be charged and withheld from any reimbursement, all costs incurred for the return of the goods.

Door-to-door express delivery service

Regular delivery times:

24 hours in the peninsula

48 hours in Sicily, Calabria and Sardinia

Multi-neck shipments

Constant tracking and tracing with complete information on the status of the shipment

Proof of delivery available online

The insurance provided is for partial coverage and covers cases of force majeure or: theft of packages, loss of packages, damage to packages or failure to deliver packages (caused by the courier). No cover is provided for cases of replacement of the goods or any other case that is not previously contemplated. Following one of the cases of force majeure foreseen by the cover, except for cases of damage to the packages and failure to deliver by the courier, a formal report of the incident is required to be carried out strictly within 24 hours from the date of collection / happened and at the same time always within 24 hours send by registered letter with return receipt.

In the event of theft of the packages, only in case it is declared by the courier and therefore the cases of "replacement of goods" for which any responsibility of the courier and Girasmoke is not included, a copy of the report made at P.S. o Carabinieri, to be sent in advance by e-mail and at the same time to send a registered letter with return receipt strictly during the 24 hours following the event. The letters of denunciation of the incident (formal or actual) should be addressed to: Girasmoke - Via Giuseppe di Vittorio, 50 - Giugliano in Campania (NA), any other reason that entails a delay on this term will invalidate any Girasmoke and any liability courier insurance.

As a result of the aforementioned and practice of verification by courier (duration between 1 and 6 months max), in case of positive outcome of the practice, in relation to the cases of force majeure provided, and only in such cases and in compliance with the terms of reporting time (24 hours from the event), another order will be sent to the customer after payment to Girasmoke of the amount equal to 10% + VAT of the total order (where applicable) as handling fees for reimbursement and return of goods (subject to availability in stock).

As a result of verification with a courier with a non-positive outcome, or in any case of failure to comply with the terms of the reporting period, Girasmoke declines all responsibility for the cases of force majeure listed above and therefore no reimbursement or return will be valid. 'order.